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In the fast-paced world of military and law enforcement, excellent training is of utmost importance. When they train, professionals in these fields must be equipped with the skills to handle stressful, ever-changing situations.

Here at ATS Targets, we offer products that enhance training to make it more lifelike for our military and law enforcement trainees. And the ATS Targets MT-74 Moving Target System is one of our best products for creating stressful training scenarios.

In this blog post, we will explore the advantages of the ATS Targets MT-74 Moving Target System, designed for military and law enforcement personnel. We’ll look at the features of the MT-74 that make it both flexible and high-quality. We will also see how this moving target system creates realistic training scenarios.

With its innovative features and portable design, the MT-74 serves as a valuable tool in honing the skills of those who protect and serve.

Soldier shooting an ATS Targets Moving Target 74 (MT-74) at an outdoor range in the mountains
Unmatched Flexibility and Performance

The MT-74 Moving Target System changes the game when it comes to training scenarios. This 4-wheel-drive, remote-controlled mover offers an impressive range of up to 1,000 meters, ensuring that trainees have ample space to execute their drills effectively.

With its programmable hit reactive Stop-Drop™ sensing feature, the MT-74 adds an unprecedented level of realism to training exercises. This feature allows the system to react to hits, providing instant feedback to the trainee.

Emulating Real-Life Scenarios

The MT-74 Moving Target System emulates the movement patterns of human targets. Its realism makes it an invaluable asset for military and law enforcement training. With the MT-74’s ability to replicate any human running pattern, from a slow “creep” speed of 1 ft. per second to rapid speeds of up to 10 ft. per second, trainees are exposed to a wide range of realistic scenarios.

This dynamic movement simulation helps develop effective target acquisition, decision-making and shooting skills. The MT-74 ensures that training is as close to real-life situations as possible. And realistic training prepares personnel well for actual encounters in the field.

Policeman putting an ATS Targets moving target in the trunk of his car
Portability and Convenience

The portability of ATS Targets’ MT-74 Moving Target System sets it apart from other training tools in the market. Its compact design allows for easy transportation, since it will fit in a car trunk. This size enables personnel to conduct training sessions in various locations.

Whether its used in an indoor shooting range, an outdoor urban environment, or a specialized training facility, the MT-74 can be deployed with ease. That way, training opportunities are not limited by logistical challenges.

Complete Training Package

To further enhance training sessions, ATS Targets’ MT-74 Moving Target System includes the Manikin Mike™ 3D human target. This quality target is a lifelike representation of a human figure, adding yet another layer of realism to training scenarios. The combination of the MT-74’s dynamic movement patterns and the lifelike human target ensures that trainees are engaged in immersive and challenging training scenarios and can grow their skill and situational awareness.

In short, ATS Targets’ MT-74 Moving Target System is the ultimate training solution for military and law enforcement personnel. With unmatched performance and innovative features, it proves an invaluable asset for improving skills in dynamic and high-pressure situations. The MT-74’s ability to replicate human running patterns, coupled with its portability and convenience, offers endless training possibilities.

When you invest in ATS Targets’ MT-74 Moving Target System, you will equip your personnel with the tools they need to excel in their roles, ensuring the safety and security of our communities.