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ATS Targets accessories can help keep your range functioning at it’s best and using the latest technologies. If you need target backers, targets, hit-sensors, batteries, or any other spare parts, please Contact us today or shop online.

Our target system accessories enhance the training experience for all personnel. We design our innovative equipment to bring simulation and live-fire training exercises to the next level.

ATS Targets’ controllers, target control software, and wireless devices allow you to easily control your training exercises with greater precision. These products work in conjunction with our training systems to facilitate seamless operation. You’ll also find basic spare parts such as hit sensors, batteries and chargers.

Incorporate realistic training targets into your exercises with the help of our 3D Manikin Mike and Tank-in-a-Bag products. For safety, utilize our Vulcan©Bulletstop fully vulcanized ballistic rubber and angled ballistic metal plates, which prevent ricochet and keep fired rounds contained to the training grounds.

Let our target system accessories improve your tactical training programs. If you need maintenance, product training, or other assistance, contact our experienced service and repair team.