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Preparation • Simulation • Refinement

ATS Simulations Send a SMS message is focused on helping your agency and partners maximize emergency management training efficacy while minimizing cost, hassle, and headaches. Our team of experts will help you design, plan, organize and develop follow up reports for your next training simulation. ATS Simulations’ team of experts with more than 40 years of combined first responder, law enforcement and military experience will work with each of the agencies involved individually to ensure that each partner maximizes their team’s learning.

Our team of experts can help you with a wide variety of scenarios including but not limited to active shooters, natural disasters, explosions and terrorist attacks. We work with the agencies to plan and then execute the scenario with a focus on creating the unexpected

Our key areas of expertise are:

Technical and tactical

ATS Simulations …reactive targets, real world injuries, the unexpected

Mental and emotional

Induce stress, moulage, the unexpected

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Bob Keller – Intro to Pistol and Carbine

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Who we are

Paula Meyers

Paula is an expert level 3 Krav Maga instructor (highest rank in North America). Shes is a member of the IKMF Expert Instructor’s team (only EIT in USA), and has successfully completed and passed IKMF Warrior Quest.

She is also a certified Law Enforcement, Military, VIP, Civilian, Women, and children krav maga instructor.

We must also note that she has an undefeated professional MMA record

Scott Mayhew

US Army, Tactical and EMR Specialist

Jeremy Baker

Jeremy’s role for ATS Simulations is that of facilitator. His goal is to provide our team the framework and freedom to think outside the box to design and engage in the most realistic and relevant testing and training possible.

Experience – 18 years of fire service, fire instructor, and current Captain. 14 years as an NREMT and current EMR, CPR/ First Aid, leadership instructor and Adjunct Professor at Crown College. DOT Certified EMS instructor. Completing a General Studies bachelor with a Disaster and Emergency Management minor through Crown College (May 2020 graduation).