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Last week we went to our annual week long SWAT training at [redacted].

During the week we trained Search Warrant Entries, Barricaded Subjects and Hostage Rescue. Our new ATS target systems (PT-61A/B) were utilized throughout our week of training. The system allowed our SWAT Operators to react to a stimulus instead of walking into a room and seeing a stationary target.   Having the ability to change the target from friend/foe/edge/down was a huge training benefit that every Police department should have. 

When a police officer has to use their weapon in the line of duty they are trained to stop the threat.  This is a difficult task to train if your department does not have reactive targets.  Up until now our officers would shoot 2-3rds per target or shoot until an Instructor said the target is down.  I believe this is how training scars are created.  (Example, 2-3rds will not always stop a threat from advancing and the instructor will not be on scene telling the officer that the threat has been stopped). The ATS system allows our training staff to train our officers to the standard they deserve.

During our time at camp the new Tablet App made the system extremely easy to use.  It allowed the Instructors to easily control all the targets individually or as a group, giving our Operators/Officers instant stimulus.  The only problem we found was the hit sensor was not working on one of the targets… 

– Staff Development Training Officer in the upper-Midwest