Vulcan Ballistic BulletStop Blocks

At ATS Targets, we supply a wide variety of ballistic rubber products including panels, tiles, curtains, and blocks. These products are multi-purpose and in many cases interlocking, so you may quickly assemble these products and add on to your current firing ranges and shoothouses. 

These high-quality products effectively reduce ricochets, absorb back-splatter, and shrapnel bounce-back. Feel free to choose between high-density vulcanized rubber (VULCAN™) or high-quality polyurethane binder recycled rubber (VIKING©). 

Above all, we designed these products with safety in mind. ATS Targets’ VULCAN™ ballistic rubber blocks fully encapsulate live-fire bullets and include flame retarding materials to help prevent fires. This ensures the safety and protection of you and the infrastructure within your shooting range or shoothouse. Contact us today! We will be happy to determine the best options for your training exercises.