Advanced Training Systems Pop-Up Turning Target (PT-61B) Portable, Programmable Target System

At ATS Targets, we specialize in building a wide variety of Reactive Targets to enhance your marksmanship training for your tactical team. We design our Reactive Targets to simulate a realistic setting comparable to what your team might encounter in the field. Our Reactive Targets comprise robots and steel targets, ranges, and simulations.

(PT Series – Hit Reactive, Fully Programmable, Independent Control, Shoot/Don’t Shoot)

Reactive Target PT-61B Range

PT61B – Semi-permanent installation.

The ATS Targets PT-61 Series of targets are fully programmable, versatile, and portable. For example, the PT-61B man-portable targets can pop up, swivel, twist, and even rotate 0°, 90°, or 180° in a single target cycle. In a similar manner, the PT-61A uses the same base unit with a standard non-twist arm. Thus, all PT-61 targets possess hit-counting, hit-reactive, and score-keeping capabilities.

They can be used for classic qualification in a mounted configuration as shown and connected to standard 120V AC power. Also, you may remove these targets from the stands and use them as battery-powered portable targets with no effect on the targets’ performance capabilities. In addition, these mobile targets create scenarios, tactical courses, and simulations since they are sensitive enough to react to live-fire, simulated ammunition such as Simunion©, or even Airsoft™. Turn these targets into movers by mounting them on an ATS Targets MT Series robot, and your training options are truly unlimited.

Reactive Target PT-68 Product Photo PT-68 Sniper Target

PT-68 – Reactive Steel Sniper Target With 5-second Auto-reset

The PT-68 reactive steel sniper targets share all of the well-established advantages of the PT-61 Series of targets but using reactive ballistic steel targets. All of ATS Targets’ silhouettes and shapes are made from ballistic grade AR500 steel plate. These targets feature gravity knock-down capability with a 5-second reset which can be automatic or programmed. In addition, you may configure the targets for hit-sensing so that the reaction is associated with hit count. Finally, the PT-68HD has the powerlifter needed to lift life-size 3D targets such as the ATS Targets Manikin Mike reactive 3D target system.

Programming and field operation is made easy with ATS Targets’ PTX series of controllers that feature on-site programming or program modifications with handheld units, tablets (Windows or Android), or computers (Windows). All options include a simple manual mode so that no programming is required if it does not suit the training.

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Advanced Reactive Range Pistol Training

The ATS Targets ARR-1 Reactive Range training system is a steel hit-reactive training system. Situated in lanes with seven targets at varying heights and cover, the ARR-1 presents and removes each target in as short as 1/2 second. This fully programmable system is air compressor-driven (pneumatic) and has complete independent control of each target’s face time. The ARR-1 Reactive Range specializes in live fire, so all shooter-facing steel is AR500 ballistic steel rated for any pistol caliber.

Advanced Reactive Range - YouTube Link

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(3D Targets – Hit Reactive, 3-Dimensional, Life Size, Mannequin Targets Shoot/Don’t Shoot)

MT-74 - 3D Target Robot

MT Series – 3D Robot mover.

The ATS Targets Manikin Mike is a 6′ tall lifesized three-dimensional mannequin made of a semi-self healing plastic. It is designed to work with any caliber of pistol or rifle and uses the same hit-sensor technology in the ATS Targets PT series of pop-up targets. Manikin Mike can be used as a stationary target in the open or in a shoothouse, as a hit reactive stationary target mounted to an ATS Targets PT-51 “Dummy Dumper” drop mount or DD-10 drop mount-hanging system. To be used in a pop-up arrangement, your team can mount Manikin Mike to an ATS Targets PT-68 HD lifter. Finally, the most common use for Manikin Mike is on a mover such as the popular M-145 or MT series of robots. In all cases, you may configure Manikin Mike to count hits and react to a predetermined count.

Manikin Mike’s features are life-like and simulate a realistic setting for your training. His human-like size, proportions, joints that swivel (head, arms, and legs), and fingers can grip objects both threatening and non-threatening. For this reason, Manikin Mike is an exceptional choice for any range aiming to induce stress in shoot/don’t shoot scenarios.

Manikin Mike is suitable for lethal and non-lethal weapons and use-of-force training purposes in situational, tactical, and scenario training events. Most of the Manikin Mike hit reactive systems are sensitive enough to react to live-fire lethal and non-lethal munitions and simulated ammunition such as Simunion©.

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