Modular MOUT

(mobile shoothouse)

ATS one story, 480 SF modules composed of 4 – 10’ x 10’ rooms, a central hallway and cantilevered observation deck, with reconfigurable steel ballistic walls, clad with ballistic rubber protection panels to encapsulate live rounds (including high velocity 5.56 and 7.62 mm) at close range. Each module can be expanded or contracted to meet specific live fire training requirements. All structural components are deployable world-wide. Contact us 651-429-8091 for design details.

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Permanent MOUT

(fixed shoothouse)

ATS 360° SDZ, one and two story structures with ballistic protected roofs. Fixed MOUTS’ come equipped with safety screens in front of exterior doors, rolling ballistic shields in front of windows, doors and ballistic rubber protection from high velocity rounds (to 5.56 and 7.62 mm) throughout the structure. Both “off the shelf” standard or custom plans are available. Contact us 651-429-8091 for design details.

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Modular Non-Live Fire (MNLF)

(SIM House)

Featuring reconfigurable movable, weather treated plywood walls, the NLF Simulation House for urban assault courses is ideal for use with paint ball, UTM and air soft ammunition. Each modular unit can be expanded, contracted or moved to a different location in a matter of hours. Contact us 651-429-8091 for design details.

Ballistic Rubber

Vulcan Ballistic BulletStop Blocks

ATS offers fully vulcanized (VULCAN™) and standard (VIKING) ballistic materials in various shapes and sizes to meet all of your range needs. Products include blocks, panels, flooring, sheets, and trap media.

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