ATS Military Training Solutions

Since 1973, ATS Targets continually sets the standard for military target training systems and equipment. That is why our program’s innovative technology provides armed forces with real-world experience in a safe, consistent, and controlled environment. Equally important, we support military preparation efforts with qualification, accuracy, tactical, aviation, and sniper target exercise systems.

At ATS Targets, we recognize that there is a high demand for new, innovative, and realistic training systems for the military. That is why ATS Targets pioneers new training methods to thoroughly prepare soldiers for lethal-force combat decisions. For this reason, we developed the Duel-A-Tron system. In particular, the Duel-A-Tron system is a friend/foe training program. Thus, it provides trainees with reactive practice scenarios. In addition, we also build Permanent MOUT and Modular MOBILE shoothouses for tactical team exercises.

At ATS Targets, we understand that your particular project and your goals are unique. That is why we consult with our customers at every stage to develop the best systems and equipment for their specific facilities. As a result, that enables them to meet or exceed their training goals. So, what can we build for you? Contact us to learn more about our military target training systems and equipment.